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Thursday, August 30, 2018

How Internet Download Manager(IDM) works? Interesting facts you may not know about best download manager

Internet Download Manager(IDM)
The Internet has numerous websites which have a lot of data stored in them such as videos, music, text, images, etc. One needs a good internet connection to access all the data available on various websites. However, if you wish to obtain this data when offline, you can download it on your device and access it anytime you want to!

There are various apps which you can use to download files on your smartphone. However, there are not many options available to download data on Windows. Internet Download Manager also is known as 'IDM' is an application for Windows users which helps the users in managing and scheduling downloads on their Windows.

How IDM works?

IDM divides your file into a number of parts and downloads them simultaneously on your PC. The downloaded parts are saved temporarily on your hard disc in its format and then combines them to bring back the original file which you have downloaded.
This feature helps in saving a lot of time since it downloads all the parts separately. This same feature helps you to resume IDM downloads when they break after 99.99% is done!
You can use it on various internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Flock, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, etc.

How does IDM Scheduler help in downloading Queued files?

If you face any error while downloading the files such as a busy server, timeout, or any other, you can leave that file in the queue of IDM downloader and start the queue. IDM Scheduler tries downloading the files in every 30 seconds.

How does IDM work on pressing a Special Key?

IDM takes over any download if you press a special key while clicking on its download link on a browser. This feature is enabled only if you set this special key and have the 'Insert' key enabled for the browser.

How to move files from IDM to your Windows folder?

You can simply drag and drop the files from your IDM window to the Windows folder to copy or move the files.

How IDM works for downloading videos from YouTube or anywhere on the Internet?

Once you have downloaded and installed IDM on your Windows, you are all set to start downloading files using it.

1) Launch a web browser on your PC and go to the page containing the video which you wish to download.
2) You will find a 'Download This Video' option available on your screen, click on it.
3) Now, select the quality in which you wish to download the video in!
4) You can edit the name of the video and add a description to it before downloading it. Once done, click on 'Download' to download the video on your PC.

You can view the downloaded file in the application. You can move the downloaded video from IDM to your Windows folder if needed.

How to enable IDM extension in Google Chrome?

1) Launch Google Chrome on your PC and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of its window.
2) Select 'More Tools' from the drop-down box. Now, click on 'Extensions' from another drop-down box which appears on your screen.
3) A new tab will open in your browser where you can see all the extensions available in your Google Chrome. Here, search for 'IDM Integration Module' and check the checkbox located adjacent to it, to enable the IDM extension on Chrome.

In Conclusion

IDM or Internet Download Manager is one of the fastest methods for downloading files on your PC. However, you can use this application for free only for 30 days. Once the free version expires, you need to get the premium version, which will cost you around $29.95 which is subject to change without any notice. If you have any question regarding how IDM works, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.