Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to Merge Duplicate or Similar Fan Pages on Facebook

Facebook pages help to increase our business, website, product by sharing latest updates. Pages may be of any Artist, Business, brandcommunity, society or organization.
But what if you have 2 or more pages with the same name, and you post same stuff in both of them. But you want to keep pages because in one page, for example, you have 15K likes and in another one 20K likes. So for that, there is a way to merge up to 6 pages. You can transfer likes from one page to another and you will get one page with 35K likes in our example. That's too easy and its can take just a minute.

1) First of all, you need to be a manager of all pages in the same account.
2) Go to a page which have more likes and from Admin panel choose "Edit Page" and after click on the Edit Settings button.
3) So you can see "Merge Duplicate Pages" feature, if your pages names are similar.
4) A new pop-up window will appear with other pages, just tick on the pages and click on Merge Pages button.
5) After that select your appropriate Username and continue.

That's it. After merging more Facebook pages, you will get blocked for a while. It's can take up to a month after you again will able to merge pages.

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