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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Set Current Time as Android Lock Screen Password

Making Android phone more secure
Android is most used mobile op.system nowadays. People save their pictures, videos and important documents on phones. All your emails, social accounts are open on your device. So you should take attention to your phone and make it secure, simply adding pin code or our most used lock type, which is called pattern lock.
If you want pin code which changes every time and it is easy to remember, you can try new feature which is available by a third-party app. It takes the current time of your phone and makes it your password and in addition, you can add two digits at the beginning of time.
For example, if the current time is 12:24 and you set that two numbers, your current password will be 561224. Take attention to 56, it is the additional digits I have added.

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1) First of all install Screen Lock app on your device.
2) Open the app and enter first two number of the password(do not forget that two digits).
3) Confirm it and lock your device. Now you need to enter that two digits and after the current time. ( For example, your two numbers are 8 and 3, the current time is 8:22. So your password, for now, is 83822 )
Android Current time lock screen
4) You can change the background of the lock screen and customize some settings.