Friday, September 5, 2014

Install Windows XP,Vista,7 in 10 minutes

When you are formatting your computer and wanna install Windows XP, Vista or 7 it requires 39 minutes, but can take up to 50 minutes. 
But there are a way to install Windows operating system just in 100 minutes without using any other programs.

1) When it's finished formatting and temporary files copying process and start installation process just press Shift+F10 keyboard combination.
2) This combination will open the command prompt. Just type in taskmgr command and hit enter.
3) And after the task manager opens, just go to "Process" tab, find "Setup.exe" process, right click on it and set the priority to Highest.

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Now you can complete Windows XP, Vista and 7 installation process just in 10 minutes.

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