Thursday, September 4, 2014

Clean Computer from temporary Internet files and Cookies using notepad

Clean Cookies and temp files
Fresh installed Windows take less space on your hardware. After using it for a while you notice that it takes more space even when you are browsing the web and only. That's because of cookies and temporary files. And you need to clean up your computer from that files. 
You can download third-party software, which will clean your computer. You can also clean computer from temp files without any app, simply just by using notepad.

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1) Open notepad and type in the text given below.
@echo off
del /s /q "%userprofile%\cookies\*.*"
2) In notepad from File menu choose Save as. Give it a name, for example, cleancookies.bat and save it on Desktop.
3) Now repeat the same process again two times, but respectively adding next to notepad.
@echo off
del /f /q %windir%\Temp\*.*
del /f /q "%userprofile%\local settings\temp\*.*"
Del /f /q "%userprofile%\local settings\temporary internet files\*.*"
Save it as cleantemp.bat.
4) And the last one needs to be:
@echo off
del /f /q %windir%\Prefetch\*.*
Save this one as cleanprefetch.bat.
After just double-click on batch files to execute them.