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Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Find Who is Copying Your Website Content

Blog post was stolen
Every Blogger trying to write a good and unique content. To get a high traffic from search results and a good Alexa rank.
But some people don't have the skills to write a good content and trying to copy from other websites. They gonna have a bad traffic from search engines and low Alexa rank.
So there is a method to find who is copying your website content. And warn him/her to remove a post, or refer your blog link in the post.

1) Go to website and in the text box enter your website URL.
2) And press the Go button.
3) You will get a list of websites which have the same content as your website, in other words, the list of websites that copied your blog posts.
4) Simply open that website contact page and warn the author who copied your posts.