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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to make Skype Calls in Browser

Skype call in Browser
Skype is getting popular day by day. Microsoft owns the Skype and it is trying to make it available on all devices. There is a way to make Skype calls with your Browser from Outlook page. 
So there's no need to download Skype and install on a computer. We can make it easier by using this method.

1) Download Skype web plugin for the browser. Accept the terms and after plugin downloaded, install it on your computer.
2) Now go to Skype website.
3) And log in to your Skype account by pressing on Sign in button at the top of right side.
4) Now you can make calls directly from Outlook mail service, without Skype software on your computer.
5) Go to and log in to your account and from account settings, link your Skype account.
6) After you will be able to see a new chat icon at the top of right side.
7) Just press on it, select contact from the list and make a call by pressing the call button.

That's it. Now you can make calls and receive directly in the browser.