Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Upload Restricted file Formats on mail or on social networking websites

When you are trying to send the file to your friend or to your colleague via email or via social networking websites then you will have a problem with some file formats. Because there are restricted file formats such as .exe .msi .bat etc.
So in this post, we will learn how we can send restricted format files.

Method No 1

1) Go to the location of that file you want to send.
2) Press shift key on the keyboard and right-click to open the context menu and choose "Open Command window here" to open a command prompt.
3) And type the command on it.
ren nameoffile.exe nameoffile.txt
Change "nameoffile" to that real file name but keep .exe and .txt formats.
4) Now you can see the .txt format file. Send the file with mail or with social networking websites.
5) Receiver need to download it and open command prompt as in step 2 and type next command
ren filename.txt filename.exe
6) After he will get the file to his real format and can use it.

Method No 2

The first method really takes a long time, so this method is more easy and fast.
1) Just by uploading file to the Cloud Storage such as Google Drive, DropBox, Yandex Disk, Mediafire etc.
2) You can set sharing option to privatepublic or for a specific person.
3) And send the link of the file to the receiver.