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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The List of all Important Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook gets more popular with every day, but all settings are different from normal PC's or laptops. I already added a post on how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook. And in this post, I will show you the list of important Chromebook keyboard shortcuts, that it will help you to use your Chromebook more smart and easy.

1) Show keyboard shortcut overlay

If you want to see a list of all Chromebook shortcuts then this one is for you.
2) Caps Lock On/Off

In some Chromebooks, there is no caps lock button and you can turn it on and off with a special shortcut key.
3) Open File Manager

To open file manager very fast, you can use specified shortcut key.
4) Open the Hotdog

A shortcut key can help you to open Hotdog very easy.
5) Logout

Log out from a user with a keyboard combination.
6) Open Task Manager

When Chromebook run slow or some apps stopped working you need to use task manager.
7) Mirror Monitor

If you want to connect Chromebook to TV or to an external monitor you can simply mirror your monitor with specified combination.
8) Lock the Screen

Lock your computer with very easy steps.