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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Add a Password Protection to Chrome browser

The security of your browser is the main thing. Because you store your password in the browser and leave open accounts in your browser. So anyone who can access your computer also can access your browser if you leave it unsecured. We start thinking about Startup password protection and searching for software which will password protect any program on the computer. But there is no need to do that because there is an extension which will password protect our Chrome browser.

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1) The first thing we need to do is open this link of extension on our Chrome browser.
2) Now simply press on "Add to Chrome" button.
3) After the extension is added to your browser it will open a new configuration tab if no then simply go to chrome://extensions on Chrome, from the extension, look for LockPW and open up its settings by pressing on "Options" button.
4) Now you need to create a new password, enter the password in two text boxes from the left side, you can also add a password hint(it's optional). 
At the right side, there are some useful settings you can apply to it or leave them as default.
5) At last, you need to press on Save button.
And now restart Chrome browser and you can see a pop up little window which will ask for a password, if someone else will try to open your browser then he/she can't without knowing the password.