Sunday, June 7, 2015

How Create a Portable Programs in Windows/Linux/Mac OS X to Run them Without installing

Install a new program on your computer is a long process and same uninstalling process. So what if you want to try out that program without installing it on your computer. There is a way to create portable programs and no need to install any program on the computer.

1) First of all open this link and from left side panel choose your operating system(Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/Unix).
2) Install it on your computer and open the program.
3) Now you can go to "Catalog" tab and there is some list of programs. If the program you want to make it portable not in the list then press on "More Applications" button.
4) Now there are some settings, you just need to enter the download link of the program you want to make it portable.
5) If the program you want already is in the list the press on "Plus" button.
6) When it's done you can go to "My applications" tab and press on "Run" button to run the program.

That's it now you can make any program portable.