Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to Convert PDF to Word File or Word file to PDF Without any Software

Today I will show you how to convert PDF to the word and word file to PDF. If you search on Google PDF to word converter it will show the list of websites which offer you trial version of the software to download and after trial version expires you need to pay for services. But there is a really good method to convert files without any software or without registering at any website.

1) First of all, go ahead and open up your browser and log in to your Gmail account then you need to open the Google Drive.
2) Now all you need to do is upload that PDF or word file to your drive.
3) When it's done double-click on it to open the drive.
4) Now in editor open File > Download as and from the list of available features select the format you want to convert into. If its and pdf file then download it as .docx format, if it's a word file then download as a .pdf format. 

Also, there another features you can save the file.