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Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Set Auto Repeat for YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular websites nowadays. There are many different types of videos. Even some people are working for YouTube. There are many gaming channels, tech review channels, sports channels, nature channels, science channels etc. Some people are coming there to watch some funny videos. But YouTube is the best place to listen to songs. You can find a channel of your favorite musician. So you can listen to music and do whatever else you want to do on your computer, phone or tablet.
When we have a song on our device we can simply turn on repeat function on out player. But what if we are listening to music on YouTube and there is no any repeat feature.
We can auto repeat any YouTube video using a simple trick.

1) First of all, go ahead and copy the YouTube video URL. For example, I want to auto repeat this video:
2) And now I need to replace the above link with this one:
As you can see I have changed the word "youtube" from URL to "infinitelooper".
3) Now when you have opened that link you can watch your video.

Also, there is a feature to set a portion of the video you want to loop. Or leave it by default if you want to watch the whole video and repeat after it ends.