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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Top 10 Websites to Test/Compile & Run Your Code Online

The web is the future and the developers goal is to make things in cloud storages.
Nowadays developers, especially designers are trying to write a code online, I mean using the cloud IDE's. So you don't need to download IDE on your computer. There are some websites which will allow you to test your code online. The compiler which uploaded to the hosting will compile your code online and you can run it to get the output of the code.
I don't recommend this method for big projects. So if you are trying to test a "bit" of your code then you can try out one of the websites listed below.

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1) Tutorialspoint

This is the best website because have a bunch of compilers for different types of programming languages. There are online IDE's, terminals for scripting languages and for working with databases. The IDE's includes all main features you need for coding. You can create a new files, rename, delete. You can import files from Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub, OneDrive. 
There are a bunch of features you can check them out.

This is the best online HTML, CSS, JS code testing website. At the left side, there are some important things which will make more easy and fast the developing/designing process. You can include in your project some important frameworks and extensions from the drop down list, which makes the coding process more simple.You can save, run and share your project with friends or team easily using tools from top menu bar. Also, there are some keyboard shortcuts available placed at the bottom of left side. And it's completely free.

Working with SQL databases? Want to test the SQL query before you apply it on your database? Then this website is for you. This is the best way to test the SQL query's or if you are a learner then you can use it for your knowledge. Doesn't matter if you need to work with Oracle databases, or MySQL, even MS SQL. In top menu, you can select which database you want to work with and which version you need.

4) JSbin

JS developer? want to test your code online? JSbin is for you because you can add an HTML and CSS code. You can add a library with a built-in feature which is at the top bar. You can register your account and upgrade to Pro plan which includes more features in it. Try it out if you need some professional tools.

Want a simple website which will compile your code and give you the output results? Codepad is for you!
All you need is select the programming language in which you will write a code, then write the code in text box. You can check the "Private" feature if you want to keep your code only visible for you and simply press on Run button to get the output.

If you are a designer and want to test your CSS code then CSSDesk is a right place for you. You can resize the result window, which means you can check if the code is working and the website is responsible. You can also reset the code, share your code or download it.

PHP developer? Okay, then this website is probably for you. The plus of this website is the simple design and comfortable workspace. Simply write the PHP code into the text box and run the code. It will give you the output of the code.

There you can find a list of numerous programming languages. Simply select the language from the drop down list and write the code in text box. The pros of this website are it working very fast, have a very simple design, you can open already existing project file and continue work on it or download your project and, of course, you have a big choice of programming language.

Want to test HTML+CSS+JS code online? Need a more functional website to test your code? CodePen is the best place for that. The main thing is that you can change the Preprocessor for your HTML, CSS and JS code. You can add an external link to CSS or js file.
The website has a great workspace and a really good design. Also, you can create an account and share your projects. 
You can upgrade to Pro plan if you want to have an access to pro tools.

10) Ideone

This website doesn't miss a programming language from its list. There are popular programming languages and unknown languages available to code in and run the code. You can share the code public, private or share the code with specific people.