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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Top 6 Domain Name Registrars/Providers for Your Business Website or Personal Blog

Thousands of domains are registered in one day with different domain extensions. If you want to buy a domain for your business website then you should choose the right provider which gives 24/7 support. And if you are about to open your blog, personal website or portfolio then you need to search for good domain provider and for low prices.
Today I will show you the list of top domain name registrars.


Need a fast and an easy domain registration? Then GoDaddy is the best choice. If support is one if the important things for you then you should be happy because GoDaddy has a 24/7 support. You will get the best offers directly in your mail. Search and select any kind of domain extension you want, because there you can find all available domain extension in the web.
You can find on internet coupons for GoDaddy product and get your domain name cheaper.

OK. The name is saying all. You will get your domain name so cheaper. It's really simple to register and easier to start with Namecheap. Namecheap also gives some offers for it's customers. A large choice of domain extensions such as .xyz .email .photography etc.

This domain name provider is getting popular with every day. It's easy to start with BigRock. Register your domain name and get 2 FREE e-Mail accounts and save your money.
Free 24/7 local support and really cheap domain names.
Google Domains

Whoa! Google is a something really big. Though this is a new service from Google and still it is in beta version, but you know it is from Google and you are secure from some problems.
Really simple steps. Search - Order - Start.


It is popular with its hosting service, but it also provide Domain name registration. HostGator has 24/7/365 award winning technical support. Includes new domain name extensions and have a comfortable domain management panel.

Again it is popular with its hosting service. If you are about to use WordPress CMS then it's easy to start with this company. But we are talking about domain name providers. Yeah, DreamHost also provides domain names. Get all the latest domain name extensions.
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