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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Top 15 Best Online JavaScript Editors/IDE's

JavaScript online editors
JavaScript is the way more popular nowadays. Most newbie Programmers are learning JavaScript. Why? Because it is easy to learn and really powerful language to build amazing stuff. By the way, it is also getting popular in the back-end development with NodeJS.
You can code from your browser, without installing an IDE or editor. And in this post, I will give you the most popular JavaScript online editors and IDE's list.

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1) CodePen
Code Pen. Online JS editor
This is one of the best Online editors you can find on the web. First of all, you can test your code without registering and paying.
Also, you can create a free account and share your projects with other developers out there. Add HTML, CSS and JS code to the editor, customize it and run.
The cool thing is that it has a feature to add famous libraries with one click. You can add your own libraries simply adding the link to it.
Another cool feature is that you can change the preprocessor(If you are not a newbie, you will get the thing).
At least I wanna speak little about Pro feature available there for the low price. With Pro account, you can create a private project.
It has so many features, just open it up and explore it.

2) JSFiddle
JSFiddle. Online JS editor
This is yet the popular JS online editor or IDE, whatever you call it(It depends on your needs).
Wanna create an account and share your projects, well go ahead and create one for free.
Don't need an account but still want to share the project, you can do that without any problem.
The thing I like about this site is simplicity. You can use the cool stuff available there with simple clicks.
You can add libraries to your project. Make the code easy to read with its "Tidy" feature. Change the template of the editor and you can even embed it on your website.

3) JS Bin
JS Bin. Online JS editor
Let me tell you about another good JS online editor. Like any other editor, you can simply add HTML, CSS and JS code to it.
You can add Libraries by adding a link to code or with simple clicks.
Nice design, good workplace and the best place to test code for newbies. You can debug your JS code to find the feature, I mean bugs.
Simplify your work with shortcuts you can use(You can get the shortcut list on JS Bin's Blog).
The list of available processors

  • HTML
  • Markdown
  • Jade
  • CSS
  • Less
  • Myth
  • Stylus
  • Sass & SCSS (with Compass & Bourbon)
  • JavaScript
  • Babel (previously 6to5)
  • CoffeeScript
  • Processing
  • React (jsx)
  • Traceur
  • TypeScript
  • LiveScript

You can try Pro features, create an account and select the payment for yearly or monthly.

Free account
Support JS Bin's continued operation
Asset uploading
Private bins
Embeds: SSL & custom CSS
Dropbox sync
Vanity URLs
Email support
Full, unmodified output
Save bins to Gist
Codecasting (unlimited)
Live reload (unlimited)
Custom starting code

4) Timble
Timple the online JS editor
Why this one is on the top list? Well, because it is created by Mozilla company.
Beautiful, easy place to write a code. You can preview the results in mobile mode too.
The most important thing that I like is "autocomplete" feature, yeah really it exists. Cool right?
Choose between light and dark themes, change the font size if it's too small or too big for you. Undo and Redo changes.

5) AWS Cloud9
Cloud9 online IDE from Amazon
Cloud9 is powered by Amazon. This is another level of online IDE. You can work on a project with the team. The IDE is created for companies to work on a project at the same time in real time. Well if you are familiar with Visual Studio IDE then you know that you can divide the work between team members and code in the same project at same time. So the same thing is possible with Cloud9 online IDE.
I suggest this one if you are planning to develop an app in "high" level.

6) CodeAnywhere
Code Anywhere online IDE
This is the same as previous one, it has a feature to work on a project with a team. It has integrated Terminal Console, for example, to connect via SSH. And you can edit your code remotely(FTP, SFTP and even DropBox and Google Drive).
It allows you to code in some other popular programming languages.

7) Liveweave
Liveweave online IDE for JS
One of the beautiful and well styled online IDE's out on the web. You can change pretty much everything in this IDE's design. Which is really awesome. Because developers like me love to have a beautiful and good colored IDE's which will not hurt eyes and give some motivation when coding.

8) SourceLair
SourceLair online IDE
SourceLair includes pretty much everything you need to develop such a nice app. You can add back-end code to your project because it supports some database types such as Mysql, PostgreSQL etc.

9) Plunker
Plunker online editor
It is easy as JSFiddle. It includes all libraries you need to code in JS.
The best thing about this that I want to mention, is that you can share your project on Github directly from online IDE. Just connect your Github account and commit your code changes.

10) Codenvy
Codenvy Online IDE for JS
It is based in Eclipse Che and has some awesome features integrated. Well, it will autocomplete the words you type in giving you suggestions.

11) ShiftEdit
ShiftEdit online IDE for JS
Good IDE to create a website template and add some amazing stuff to it.

12) Orion
Orion online IDE for JS
First thing I want to mention is that this is an open source online IDE. And again you can add some cool modifications to your project and commit your code changes, bug fixes etc.

13) Dabblet
Dabblet online JS editor
Well, JS editor still in alpha(I think it should be beta version) version but you can still play around with JS code and try some new things you've learned.

14) Code Beautify
Code Beautify JS online tools
This website contains very important you need for your JS. Just open it up and check the available tools.

15) Rendera
Render lite JS IDE
This is lite online JS editor. If you are in learning process then you can use this one.