Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Importance of English for Programmers. Do Programmers need to know English?

Beginner programmers often get confused with the question "is English important for programming?". And in this post, we gonna discuss this question.

Of course, you need to know basics of English. 
The most part of programming books, eBooks, video tutorials are in English.

As you know there are some forums for programmers, where the programmer can ask for help from other programmers. It can be a question of your code. So if you ask a question in your language then the chances are low to get the answer of your question. If someone already asked the question you have then the answer will be in English. Yeah, you can find a forum on your language but it won't be a popular as stack exchange, Quora etc.
If you are studying at engineering university and learning to program in your language then it will be great if you ask the teacher to say the programming terms in English.
If you want to work for a good organization then you need to know English.
And there are numerous points. So we understand that knowledge English is really important.

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