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Friday, August 15, 2014

The easy and fast way to learn English for Programmers

Easy way to learn English
In the first post, we discussed "Why is English important for programming?" question. And we understand how important is English for Programmers. 
In this post, I'll show you some ways to learn English very fast.

Maybe at first look, this post seems strange for you, but after you try this method, your opinion will change immediately.

This is tested method and working 100%. 
When you decided to learn English, you started to search for video tutorials or for some books to learn English. But it's not the best method because with video tutorials you can learn only some words, how to pronounce them but you can't learn to speak English very well.  
Yeah, books are a great way to work on your grammar but you can't talk with people in English. 
All you need is to communicate with people, practicing is power. It would be great if you know some basics of English. All you need is a computer, internet, and microphone. 
The Internet is the best place to find a people to chat in English. Search on Google for video chat and in a new tab open up Google Translate. So you can select a simple chat or chat with cam. It will be great with a webcam because you can explain with hands and emotions. You can ask your chat partner to write all text on chat and paste the text into Google translate to translate it into your mother language. Now to answer him/her type the text on Google Translate to convert it to English. 
You need to be a patient, it needs a time and your forces. 
When you learn some basics with chatting then it's time to try to speak, use "listen" function on Google Translate and learn how to pronounce words or even a sentence
With this method, you are doing your first steps.

When you get some skills by the method given above, go to further step.
Now you can communicate with people in English. 
Now time to read artistic books, watch movies, cartoons and all in English. I highly recommend watching cartoons, cartoons are easy to understand, they made for children.
There are several ways to help you become stronger in English.
First one is to watch YouTube videos, you know there are different types of channels. If you watch a traveler's channel you can learn how to pronounciate country names, it's really important thing.
The last tip is to play online games, where you can learn to speak English in slang.
If you want to achieve something you need to keep practice.