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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Does the Programmer need knowledge of English?

Beginner programmers often get confused with the question "Is English important for programming?". 
In this post, we gonna discuss this question.

Of course, you need to know basics of English.
Most of the programming books, eBooks, video tutorials are in English.

First of all English is an international language
There are some forums for programmers, where you can ask for help from other programmers. It can be a question about bug fixing or on "How to do things", etc... 
So if you ask a question in your language(Not in English) then the chances are low to get the answer to your question, or if you get an answer to your question, chances are high it's in English.
You can use Google Translate, but you won't get satisfied with results.
Have a plans to work at a big organization, then probably you need to communicate with clients from other countries and you need to know English so you can communicate with them.
In most organizations, they accept workers with English knowledge.
Having the knowledge of English, you have the opportunity to continue your work, studying in the USUK and in any other popular country.
There are numerous points, we understand English knowledge is really important.