Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Set current time as Android lock password

Pattern lock is similar to Android users. As you know there are pin code lock and face unlock methods too. But there are some ways to bypass and skip that locks. But what about pin code. So it's very difficult to bypass. But your friends possible see your pin code when you are unlocking your device. And it's too damn bad to change pin code every time. So there is a way to set device current time as your lock password. And keep your device files more secure.

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1) First of all install Screen Lock app on your device.
2) Open it and you will be asked to enter first two number of the password.
3) after confirm it and lock your device. Now you need to enter that two numbers you add at configuration time and after the current time. ( For example your two numbers are 8 and 3, current time is 8:22. So your password for now will be 83822 )
4) You can change the background of the lock screen, customize some settings.

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