Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blogger basic Features that Every Starter Must Know

Blogging is the best way to share your knowledge and your views with your blog readers. For some people blogging is a way to make a money, become a famous on the internet or just for fun.

What is Blogging and how to Create own Blog for free?

In a previous post, we learn how we can create our own blog for free and start posting. I talked about, how secure it is and totally free ( you don't need to pay for hosting ).
But every newbie blogger doesn't know from where to start, how to customize blog etc.

Settings Tab

This is the important part for your Blog. There are 6 different tabs in Settings tab. From this tab, you can change or set your blog description, change the title of your blog.  Edit your blog privacy, so you can set your blog visible only to specified people. You can set a custom domain. Set a custom 404 page not found the page, edit robots.txt which I will explain in future, some search preferences etc.

Post Tab

The main part of blogger where you can create a new post, it can be in a different format such as video, photos, text. In blogger no limit to create posts. There are different features to edit your text, give them colors, change the size of text, picture etc.
You can customize your posts by switching to HTML tab. 

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Pages Tab

There you can create pages, same as posts. But the difference is that pages you create will not show in your blog homepage. You can create pages such as contact us, about us, privacy policy, sitemap etc.
And link you pages on your homepage or wherever you want.

Comments Tab

In this tab, you can delete some comments from your blog, mark as spam etc.

Stats Tab

In this tab, you can see your blog page views per day, week or month. From which country people visits your blog, from which device and browser. Most read posts and referring URL's. From which sites you get more visitors etc.

Earnings Tab

You can earn money from your blog with Google Adsense. But if you are a newbie I recommend you to concentrate on learning SEO tips. If you get huge traffic on your blog then you can submit it for Google Adsense, but before I recommend you to read their programs policies and compare your blog with all policies. If your site complies with Adsense policies, sign up for the approval of Adsense. Wait for the response, it can take up from one day to weeks. After Adsense reviewed your blog you will get a mail from Adsense.

Campaigns tab

Your blog will appear at the top of Google search. You need to pay for this feature, and Google will automatically show your blog results at the top with keywords.

Layout Tab

There you can arrange the positions of gadgets as you want. Or you can add a new gadget just by pressing in "add a gadget" button. There are ready gadgets from blogger, or you can add your own gadget, if you know HTML, CSS, Javascript. Choose "HTML/JavaScript" and add your gadget code to box and press on the Save button.

Template Tab

You can change the template of your blog. There are ready templates from blogger, you can edit HTML of the blog, add some CSS code and customize it. Or you can upload your own template fro blogger by using Backup/restore button. And you can download your blog template.
Customize your blog for the mobile version, set your own template if it's compatible with mobile devices and much more things.

That's it. Stay tuned to learn blogging tips and to build your blog and get the best results from it.