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Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Create an invisible Folder and Store Files

Invisible Folder in Windows
There is a way to keep your private files secure on your computer if someone else has an access to it. You can hide folders in Windows without any third-party software.

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1) Create a new folder anywhere you want.
2) Right-click on the folder and select Properties -> Customize tab -> Change Icon and after select one of blank icons from icons list.
Selecting blank icon
3) Now we need to hide name to make it 100% undetectable. Right click on that folder and select Rename. Press Ctrl on the keyboard and type 255 ( Ctrl+255 ).
4) And you can see now folder is completely hidden. 
To find it, go to that directory where the folder is placed and hit Ctrl+A to select all icons from the directory.

You can add any files to a hidden folder and keep them safe.