Thursday, October 23, 2014

Delete Google, Facebook and Twitter search data with one click

When you searching on Google, Facebook or on Twitter when signed into your account, you were leaving a search history. And you can access to search history of your account.
So how we can remove search history of our account? 
The answer you can find in this post.

Delete Google search history 

Go to Web history page and login to your Google account. After press on the mechanism icon from the right side and choose "Remove items". Now in pop out windows select "the beginning of time" from the drop down menu and press on the remove button.

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Delete Facebook search history

Facebook tracking everything you searched. And to delete Facebook search history go to Activity Log by pressing on lock icon at the top of Facebook account and pressing on "Use Activity Log". After choose "Search" from the left side.
Now you can clear search history easily by pressing "Clear Searches" at the top.

Delete Twitter search history

Twitter tracks the searches on your mobile, so do delete it from your Android or iOS device, press on the magnifying glass search icon and to delete last queries below of "Recent searches", tap the Clear.
To delete your location information navigate to Settings -> Security -> Privacy. And click on the Delete all location information button.