Friday, October 31, 2014

The Best Logic Games for Android Devices

Games are an important part of our life. When I have a time I play games to relax. There are different types of games, but in this post I will share with you the best logic games for Android devices.

The Room 
Best game ever I have seen. I played this game with one sigh because of an interesting scenario. You need to find a way to open locker. I really recommend you to play this game.

Download The Room Game

The Room 2
Continuation of The Room part one. Final part of the game. So if you already finished part one of this game then download part two and complete the game.

Download The Room 2 Game

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Monument Valley
I hope you know about this game. You need to manipulate architecture and guide a princess through stunning worlds.

Download Monument Valley Game

Darkmoor Manor
You need to escape from home. You have no memory how you to this home. So a lot of fun and so many secrets that you need to disclose.

Download Darkmoor Manor Game

This game is famous from his PC version. So there is and mobile version. You are a little robot who need to travel in robots world, find solutions to open doors.

Download Machinarium Game

Just Escape
Good game for time killing. The game contains 11 rooms that you need to escape from. Find a way to open the door and complete the levels.

Download Just Escape Game