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Friday, October 17, 2014

Download Subway Surfers For Mac, Linux and for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Subway Surface
Subway Surface is one of the most popular games in nowadays.
It is available o Google Play store and on Apple store for free.
And in this post, I will show how to install Subway Surfers on Mac, Linux or on Windows for free.

Install on Windows

For Windows users, it's pretty simple. 
1) Download Subway Surfers installation file.
2) Simply install it.
3) After installation process finished, double-click on the game icon from the desktop and enjoy the game.

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Install on Mac

We can install this game on Mac computers using Wineskin.
1) Download Wineskin and install it on your Mac.
2) After you need to download the Subway Surfers installation file.
3) Now open Wineskin and press on the plus button. From the drop-down menu choose WS9Wine1.6X and press the Download and install button.
4) After Download process finished, open the Wineskin home page and press on the Create New Blank Wrapper button.
5) In the pop-out window type in Subway Surfers and hit the OK button. If it asks to install some packages just simply cancel it.
6) After you need to press on View wrapper in Finder button, select Subway Surfers from the app list.
7) After you need to press on Advanced -> Install Software -> Choose Setup Executable and choose Subway Surfers setup file. After simply install it, just by pressing next buttons.
8) When installation finished, press the Advanced button from Wineskin configuration window. Press on the Set Screen Options button to configure game window size. When you configured it, press the Done button.
9) And at last, press the Test Run button and enjoy the game.

Install on Linux

Linux users can play Subway Surfers game with Wine.
1) Download Wine from Ubuntu Software Center.
2) And also the Subway Surfers installation file.
3) And after just double-click on the game installation file and simply install it with next buttons.
4) Click and open the game with a shortcut on the desktop and enjoy it.