Thursday, October 2, 2014

Microsoft skips Windows 9 and Announces Windows 10, Windows Technical Preview available for download

We all guessed that next version of Windows need to be Windows 9, but unexpectedly Microsoft announces Windows 10.
This new version will work with all Microsoft products ( PC, Xbox, smartphone, tablet etc. ) and Microsoft plans to connect their applications to create a single store.
The familiar "Start" menu is back with the new feature. Modified Search which lets you do a smart search to find all you need very easy and fast.
Now apps from Windows Store open in the same format that desktop apps and they can be resized, minimized etc.
There was a Snap View feature which lets you work with several programs at the same time ( max 4 projects ).
In this new version of Windows in taskbar added a new button, which allows you to see all open programs and files and called as Task View.
Last and the best feature is that you can create multiple Desktops for different projects and you can switch between these desktops.

You can try Windows Technical Preview version for now, just visit this link and enter your Outlook mail address over there and you will get download links of Windows Technical Preview.

I suggest you to watch Joe Belfiore's video about Windows 10 features.