Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to install Ubuntu in VMware

In this post, we gonna learn how to create a virtual machine. In previous posts, I shared with you How to DualBoot Ubuntu with Windows. But what if we don't want to install two or more operating systems together in one computer. But have different types of operating systems when we need it. 
We can do that with special software such as VMware Workstation ( or Player ) and VirtualBox. And I recommend you to use VMware because VirtualBox can't read some drivers of USB devices.
We can install any operating system in VMware and run it whenever we want. In this post, I will show an example of Ubuntu.

1) First of all Download VMware Workstation ( non-free software but the player is totally free ) from its official website and install it on your computer.
2) Download installation file of Ubuntu operating system from its website.
3) Now open VMware workstation or player ( I'm using workstation ).
4) After you need to press on Create a New Virtual Machine button.
5) In new window hit Next button, after you need to choose installer disc image file (iso) and press on the Browse... button.
After that, you need to select Ubuntu installation file from your computer and press on the button Next.
6) Now enter your full name, username, password and hit Next button.

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7) In this step, you need to choose the path to install Operating system and give a name to it and hit Next button.
8) Now you need to set virtual machine hard disk size, I will set it 25 GB and press on Next button.
9) And at last you need  to press on the Customize Hardware... button, change the memory size of the virtual machine. You can edit some settings too such as a processor, printer, display etc.
After you finish configuration process, just press the Close button and finally press the Finish button.
Now it will start operating system automatic installation process and after its finished you can use Ubuntu virtual machine on your computer.