Sunday, May 10, 2015

Add a Password Protection to Mozilla Firefox

If your main browser is a Firefox and you want to block an access for other people then you can simply add a password protection. if you have saved password on it then you can simply add a password and no one can't access to them if they are using your computer.

1) First of all open this link with your Firefox browser.
2) Now you need to add that extension to your browser and it will ask to restart your browser, simply press on restart button.
3) After you can see the lock icon in URL bar section, press on it.
3) Now in opened window you need to set up a password.
4) Go to "Startup" tab and enable "Ask for password on startup" feature.
As you can see there are more setting tabs, so you can simply navigate and activate features that you've found useful. After all is done, simply press on "OK" button to apply the settings. And next time when you open a browser it will ask you for a password.