Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Delete an Undeletable File/Folder to fix "Could Not Find This Item" Error Message in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

There are so many bugs in Windows operating system. Microsoft trying to patch them with windows updates its providing, but still there are numerous bugs you can detect in your computer.
It happens that you can't delete a file or folder from your computer, you deleting it and it comes back. And today I will show a few methods to fix that problem.

Method No1

If you are deleting a file or folder but after desktop refresh it's appearing then, first of all, try to restart your computer. If after restart the file or folder is still remaining on your computer then follow to method No2.

Method No2

If the first method is not worked for you then we need to use this method. And in this method, we are going to use a command prompt(cmd).
Open up the Run by using Win+R keyboard shortcut. And there type in "cmd" and hit enter, it will open up the command prompt.
So let's say that the undeletable file/folder is in desktop, so we need to change the cmd directory to desktop and for that we need to execute the next command in cmd:
cd /d C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop
Now change the "YOURUSERNAME" on command with your username. And if the file/folder in not located in desktop then change the command to navigate to that place.
Now type in:
dir /x
And now you should see in the list the first letters of undeletable  file or folder and then continues with tilde sign. For example, if the undeletable folder name is "Undeletable Folder" then it should be something like "Undeletable Fo~1".
And at last, execute the next command:
rmdir /q /s Undeletable Fo~1
If it's a file then execute next command:
del File~1.txt
Change the "Undeletable Fo~1" with the file/folder name from the previous command result.
So now you can see that the file/folder is removed successfully from your computer.