Thursday, November 27, 2014

Best Websites to Learn Coding and Programming

We learn to program in university, at home with books, with eBooks. But there are some websites that will teach you how to write a code, teach you programming languages. So you can get support from website admins and learn to program from masters. 

How important is English for Programmers? 

So we need to write a code, we need a practice because we can't learn only with reading.

The easy and fast way to learn English

Of course, you can search on Google some websites which will teach you programming languages, but you don't have a guarantee that person who wrote a post is an expert and show you an easy and right way to learn. 

Download Programming eBooks

Here is a list of quality websites that can teach you programming with very easy and fast methods.

1) TheNewBoston

This is the best website ever I have seen. You can learn any type of programming language with video tutorials. So there are Adobe product tutorials too such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro etc.
There is nothing to say, if you want to learn a programming language, simply visit this website and start learning. You can find any language you want.

2) TutorialsPoint

Learn any type of programming language from this website and it's totally free. The best programming languages are listed in this website and you will get success with it. 
Learn Android programming, create apps, add them to Play Store and get paid for your apps. Learn Web programming, create websites...

3) Level Up Tuts

Admin of this website will teach you with video tutorials. You ca learn different types of programming languages and not only. There is some kind of different tutorials. For example tutorials for Wordpress users, to learn how to install it on your windows PC or on mac and after how to use it and get success for your website/blog.

4) Coursera

This website offers to members lectures from expert programmers, teachers etc.
So you need to create an account and after register for future courses. You can download the app on your mobile device and watch video tutorials from your mobile or from the tab.
You can earn a certificate from this website.

5) Learn Code The Hard Way

After you learn basics of programming language, you need to start difficult coding, I mean go to deep to become an expert. This website offers us some eBooks to download, which is pretty cool. And you will get some code examples to understand the meaning of the smart code.

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6) W3Schools

There you can learn Web programming. This is number two because concentrated in web programming and tutorials are in high quality. Learn programming language from this website and after you can register for the exam, and if you passed it you will get a certificate for a web developer.
You can learn next: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and JQuery.

7) Code Academy

Sign up for free on this website and start to learn to code. First if all they will teach you how to code and after you need to do some exercises where you get help with hints.

8) Code Avengers

This website offers to its users HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials but after you can build your own web pages, create some apps and games.

9) Code School

This website is more for starters, who have no idea about programming and they start from zero. Here you can get some experience and learn basics.